Release inches of your inner penis

All men have over half of their penis hidden inside the body. The STILL-ON System is a penis stretching device that safely stretches out the inner penis.

straighen penile curvature

Penile Curvature is very common among men. Our device is the solution for straightening out the curve, thus adding length in the process.

Correct Peyronie's Disease

Doctors have praised penis stretching, also known as "Penis Traction Therapy." The results have greatly corrected Peyronie's Disease and also added length to all of the participants in case studies.

Prevent Shrinkage

Penis shrinkage happens to men based on cold temperatures, blood flow and even nerves. Adding length and girth to the penile shaft would not allow the penis to retract into the body like before.

Please your partner

Size does matter! Releasing multiple inches of your inner penis can not only improve your sex life, but it can boost a man's confidence.

Doctor Recommended Products

Men worldwide opt for penis enlargement procedures. Penis stretching is mandatory post surgery as a scar tissue preventative and to enlarge the penis length.

Popular Products

  • shaft stretcher packages

    • Price varies from different packages
      Non-slipage material

  • Bathmate HydroPump

    Price Varies


Does the STILL-ON System really work?
Yes! Men have over half of their penis hidden inside their bodies! Your age, race and physical condition does not matter. Your inner penis can be stretched out of your body!

What benefits can I expect to see?
The size increases in both flaccid and erect length. circumference gains can be seen quickly due to cell growth and tissue expansion. Stronger and more pronounced erections, elimination of shrinkage, greater control over ejaculations, and of course a greater sexual desire, self-esteem and raised confidence. Plus many other benefits.

With my order will I receive instructions?
Yes! Whether you are a beginner or advanced with penis stretching, we will provide you with complete written and video instuctions.

How much can I actually gain in Length and Girth both soft and hard?
Most disciplined users will be able to see gains of 1.5-2.5” or more in soft length, 1-2” hard length and up to 1” in girth (circumference). Multiple inches in length have been reported when stretching over two years.

What are the shipping and return policies?
We ship both Domestic and International. The STILL-ON System will be shipped to you discretely via USPS, FedEx or UPS within 3 business days from the date of order with tracking. We do not accept returns due to sanitary concerns.

Can I get surgery to help my penis size?
The STILL-ON System was designed to address numerous requests by phalloplasty doctors/urologists to alleviate post-surgery scar tissue formation from the penis lengthening procedure, in which the ligaments are cut to lengthen the penis.

Does age matter?
No - providing that you are at least 18, age does not matter. Even customers ages 70+ will be able to see gains from using the STILL-ON System.

Are there any side effects from doing the exercises?
There are no reported side effects from STILL-ON Systems. However, extreme care must be conducted by the user.

Can I wear STILL-ON and stretch when I am erect?
We highly urge clients to stretch when soft (flaccid) only.

How will my lifestyle change on this program?
The answer is as little or as much as you want it to! The STILL-ON System can be considered a daily workout routine. You may have to make small changes to the way you live in order to help maximize your gains.

Where is Still-On Systems made?
The STILL-ON System are of the highest quality and made in the U.S.A by established manufactures. The Still-On Systems "Intacto" device is FDA Approved Non-Allergenic Silicone rubber. The entire STILL-ON System has been patented. Serial # 61/920,586

How discrete is STILL-ON Systems?
The STILL-ON System can be worn inside your pants under loose fitting clothes. Or when "hanging," it can be worn at the convenience of your residence.

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